How Raw Honey Saved My Skin!

Honey Mask for face

I recently moved to Abu Dhabi from South Africa and with a change of country comes many, MANY changes that I never even thought about. The change that affected me the most though was my skin! I have oily/combination skin, but for the past couple of years I rarely broke out and maybe just got that nasty little pimple that popped up just before an important day or event – but nothing I couldn’t handle!

About 3 months into my stay in my new home, I decided to invest in what I thought was a decent skincare range, Avene. My pores were clogged before and my skin was looking dull so I though these products will brighten it up but how wrong I was! Every day got worse and eventually I was so embarrassed about my skin I didn’t even want to leave the house.

I googled many home remedies and natural products to save your skin and many websites suggested using honey (but the real deal – not the cheap ones you buy at the grocery store). I was so desperate I went to the store and bought a small jar of Manuka Honey (for about R350) and started applying it every day for a face mask leaving it on for 30minutes to an hour. At first nothing really happened, but I kept doing it and I really started seeing results. The skin started clearing up and the marks and scars became a little lighter every time.


I am still continuing with my honey routine and I really highly recommend it not only for acne skin but for anyone who wants to spoil their skin!

Ritza van Rensburg

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