Fashion Chat: Stylish at ANY Age!


When I studied styling, I was always told about how any woman can be stylish no matter their age and I have alwyas been a firm believer of this. Anyone can look stylish and these more mature ladies really knows how to look their best at their age! I think any woman who takes care of herself  and shows confidence is beautiful and for all the young ladies out there, THIS is how it’s done! Take note of these fashionable older women and aspire to age as gracefully as they do! Even our very own Jackie Burger is known for her amazing style and of course that bright red lip!

PS: Grey hair is a huge trend at the moment and I just love how these women are embracing their silver locks!

Stylish at any age stylish at any age

stylish at any age

stylish at any age

Stylish at any age

Stylish at any age


YAY for stylish older women rocking modern fashion trends!

Elrico Bellingan

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