HOW TO: Be a Dior Girl!

dior5This is our first article for our new ‘How To’ Section and here we will share with you tips and tricks for fashion, style, beauty and everything in-between. This week we will share with you how to be a Dior girl! Dior is known for their simplicity and stylish designs from fashion to accessories and the Dior woman is classy, trendy and timeless.

Simple tips to keep in mind if you want to be seen as a Dior girl:

– Keep it simple – Dior has amazing bags with very creative designs and I find that bags are the biggest investment for designer items so make your bag the main attraction to your look!



– Black is always a good idea! Dior girls love classic looks and that includes wearing lots of black!





– Always wear sunglasses! Sunglasses can make you look super trendy and Dior is known for having amazing designs!



Now you have all the tips you need to be a Dior Girl! Go out and rock those designer brands!

Elrico Bellingan

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