Obsessing Over…Face Jewelry


When living in a different country, one of the best things to do is to discover the true beauty of that country’s culture and that is exactly what I have been doing since I moved to the United Arab Emirates. I fully embrace their culture and one of the most glamorous trends/traditions I have spotted here is what I like to call “face jewelry”. These women are so beautiful and they are AMAZING at doing their dramatic eye makeup and then they complete the look with these beautiful jewels just dripping on their faces and all I can do is stare at how GORGEOUS they look! See for yourself:







Even Selena Gomez had a shoot where she was dressed up with face jewelry and it looked super glamorous.



I am a great fan of the Arabic culture and as soon as I get to a Souq(Market) I will definitely be looking to find one of these amazing accessory pieces!

Ritza van Rensburg


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