Makeup Inspiration of the Week: Cut Crease Eyes!

cut crease 9 

I am always looking at the latest trends for makeup or I just draw inspiration from makeup that I see daily on Instagram or YouTube and recently I watched a few videos showing you how to do cut crease eyes. I am a great fan of retro makeup and this look has Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn’s name all over it!

Cut crease eyeshadow creates a very dramatic look but if done correctly you could wear it during the day. I particularly like it for a night out with some dramatic lashes – super glamorous and you will definitely stand out! I haven’t tried this yet, but I will definitely be practicing this look as I love my eyes being the focus of my makeup look! Here’s some cut crease eyes to inspire you to try it too!

cut-crease-makeup trend

cutcrease makeup trend

cut crease makeup trend\ cut crease makeup trend  cut crease makeup trend

cut crease makeup trend

cut crease makeup trend

Cut crease makeup trend

Ritza Bellingan

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