Product Review: Scruff Coffee Scrub

scruff coffee scrub

I am sure most of you have seen coffee scrubs or girls posing with it on Instagram – I must admit I have always been interested in it as I love body scrubs (for my super dry skin in Dubai) and what better way to try it out than to support local brand, Scruff Coffee Scrub, produced in Cape Town.

Coffee scrubs has many great qualities including the fact that it is anti-inflammatory, can help with skin healing, can help prevent premature aging, it increases blood flow and that means it can also fight cellulite! Not to mention it smells so amazing and leaves your body feeling soft and pampered!

Coffee+and+Oatmeal+Body+Scrub+Do+It+Yourself Coffee-Scrub-8

I’ve used my Scruff coffee scrub in many ways from a full body scrub to an all natural face mask (which helped my acne scars and my breakouts at the time) and it really is an amazing product to add to your beauty product list.

If you would like to try out this lovely product, you can purchase it online here for R145!

Thanks to Scruff Coffee Scrub for spoiling me!

Ritza Bellingan

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