Haute Elán – The Ultimate Modest Wear!


Living in the UAE has opened up my eyes to how glamorous, stylish and chic modest wear can be and I was quite surprised to see how limited fashionable modest wear items can be! For those ladies who feels the same – I have the solution to all your problems! Haute Elán is an online site that is focused on fashionable modest wear and and they have designs from International designers – making their items unique and investment pieces for your wardrobe.

Haute Elán is all about empowering women and has an Women’s Venture Fund whereby Haute Arabia donates £1 from every purchase to the fund and invests this back in equity free loans to women in business – now that is something very unique and I definitely support empowering women!

Let me inspire you with some of their items you can shop online:









For more info, visit their site here.

Happy Shopping Ladies!

Elrico Bellingan

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