India Day 2: The Magical Taj Mahal!


Today we took a long drive to the city of Agra (about 3 hours away from Delhi) where the magical Taj Mahal – one of the 7 wonders of the world – awaited us! Don’t be alarmed when you enter Agra – even though this city has nothing to offer but the beautiful Taj Mahal – it is well worth it and we are staying over tonight in the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever been to – The Jaypee Palace – definitely worth spending the night in Agra!


Arriving at the Taj Mahal I was very overwhelmed with the thousands of people there (more than 25 000 visit the Taj daily during this season) but even though I was surrounded by all these people, it was still amazing and surprisingly calm and serene.




We arrived at the perfect time of day (about 3pm) and you can literally see how the Taj Mahal changes from white to gold as the sun starts to set and reflects the colors against the amazing marble.

This temple of love was built by Shah Jahan as a tomb for his beloved 1st wife who died giving birth to their 14th child. Every single element of this temple was built according to what she loved from the precious stones to the carvings in the white marble – you need to see this in real life to have any kind of idea of what this palace actually look like and what it took to create it.


After doing the tour of the Taj Mahal I literally needed a moment to sit and take in the beauty of this incredible place – there are no words to describe how magical it is and it is a picture that comes to life when you see it for the first time – definitely an item ticked off my bucket list and something I would love to do again!



After visiting this incredible jewel, we returned to our hotel for a delicious cup of Chai Masala tea – the best in India with cardamon spices and an amazing view to make your day even more memorable.


Thank you India for another day we will never forget…the adventure continues tomorrow! #TheBellingansInIndia

Elrico Bellingan

One thought on “India Day 2: The Magical Taj Mahal!

  1. It sounds amazing could only be breath taking. To think that a man’s love could be this great that he build a wonder place for his beloved wife to be laid to rest. What a love story
    can’t wait to see what India have in store tomorrow

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