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On my journey through India, not only did we explore the amazing food and culture of “Incredible India” but of course the colorful fashion. When traveling to new countries, I try to fully embrace the culture especially when it comes to fashion, and the traditional Indian Sari was a must on my trip! The best place for shopping in India has to be Jaipur with their wide collection of fabrics, jewelry and homeware as buyers from all over the world come to this city to buy exquisite, one of a kind designs.

Our lovely tour guide took me to the Jaipur “hot spot” for the best sari’s and I ended up choosing a red, gold and black sari that was custom made and delivered to my hotel room within 4 hours! As luck would have it, we were invited to an Indian wedding in the elevator of our hotel and I got to wear my sari in the most traditional way possible surrounded by many gorgeous Indian girls in amazing outfits.

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Ritza Bellingan

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