My Hair Diaries: Pierced Braids

Most of my followers/friends/family know that I’m SUPER picky when it comes to my hair. To me, my hair is everything and it’s very important to find the right stylist that understands you and your hair needs. I got to know the super talented Marios Atzemoglou from Marios Company for Hair through the blogging industry and after a simple blow-dry at his beautiful salon, I knew that he would be my go-to person for all things hair.

After 5 years, he is not only my hair stylist, but also a great friend and I’m super excited to do a new section on the blog called “My Hair Diaries”. I love experimenting with different hairstyles, and every month Marios will be creating trendy, stylish looks with my hair that I will match with a trendy makeup look to give the full effect! Hopefully it will inspire you to be more adventurous with your hair or convince  you to pop into Marios Company for Hair and have Marios work his magic on your hair!

For our first look, we chose to go with a trend that I’ve only really seen on celebs – pierced braids. Braids are huge this season (and has been around for a while) but with these hair piercings, we changed braids from being romantic to being edgy and on trend. Kim Kardashian was our inspiration for this look:


And this was the final results:

For the makeup, an extreme wing or super smokey, bold eye would look awesome! I went for something a little more daytime, but take this look into evening by smoking the eye and creating a strong cheek contour!

If you are looking to try pierced braids, you can simply get the piercings at a locksmith or order them on Ebay! Here’s some more celeb looks to inspire your pierced braids:

Christina Aguilera


Ariana Grande


Shay Mitchell


Huda Kattan



Here’s to good hair days ladies!

To book your appointment at Marios Company for Hair, contact them at: (+27) 21 801 0667

Ritza Bellingan

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