5 Things I Miss About Dubai

Last week marked exactly one year since we’ve returned from Dubai (thanks to Facebook Memories) and even though I’m very happy to be back in our beautiful country, I still miss Dubai in more ways than one, so here’s the 5 things I miss most about the Magical Middle East!


Whether you’ve been to Dubai, read up on it, watched a program on it or followed bloggers from the UAE on Instagram, most will know that these people live for luxury and glamour. There’s no such thing as too much and their lifestyle is on another level. I was privileged to stay in some of the top hotels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, eat at the best restaurants and shop at their luxurious shopping malls – it was such an experience and I believe this is what it must be like to be a celebrity!


Dubai Mall was my playground every weekend and I just loved it. Everything you see in magazine catalogues are already in stores and it’s so over the top! I would spend most of my time at the Level Shoe District just staring at all the latest shoes and bags – I still dream about some of them! The boutiques and designer stores in Dubai had clothes you only see at fashion week and it definitely left me inspired!


I’ve seen how many people choose to travel “with their eyes closed” and it makes no sense to me. When I chose to move to the Middle East I knew it would be a culture shock but I chose to embrace and explore it in every way possible. In Dubai, I started with the fashion. I gained a new understanding for modest wear and even now, I love dressing with inspiration from the Middle East. These women might be covered up, but they are by far the most stylish I’ve ever met and I looked up to their amazing sense of style!


Living in Dubai opened my eyes to all people of the world. Living there I met people of all walks of life and I loved learning more about them! My besties were from Trinidad and we remain super close to this day. I miss our adventures together and being literally worlds apart!


Everyone knows how easy it us to travel when living in Dubai. We explored by other favourite place in the world India and it was one of the best experiences of my life! Financially it was much easier to travel from there and I definitely miss that part – the South African Rand has not been kind to us!

To everyone asking if I’d ever go back – yes 100%! I definitely plan to move back to the UAE but for now, I am happy and blessed to call Cape Town my home!

Ritza Bellingan

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